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Disability LinkAge Line logo. Want help on the phone? Call the Disability LinkAge Line. 1-866-333-2466Resources for Minnesotans with disabilities or chronic illnesses and their families or representatives.

The Disability Link section of® makes it easier for people with disabilities to explore options and make decisions about services, benefits, employment, health care, and more.

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Special Topics

Assistive Technology
Locate resources to help you find and pay for the right equipment and technology to help you perform tasks at home, work, or play.
Tap into caregiver training support groups and networks.
Chemical & Mental Health
Connect to treatment options in your community.
Discover where to find materials in alternative formats and connect to translators and interpreters.
Explore ways to get more education or training and find the support you need to succeed.
Find adapted sports, accessible travel, social clubs, and other activities.
Health Care
Connect to health care services, insurance counseling, public insurance programs like Medical Assistance (MA), and services to help you manage your health benefits.
Discover local housing options and programs that can help you with home repairs and upkeep. Locate resources to help make your home easier for you to live in and use.
Independent Living
Locate help and training to increase your independence or to move from a facility into your own home.
Find training, supports, work incentives, and benefits counseling to help you find or keep a job.
Find resources to help you understand your rights and responsibilities. Connect to advocates, plan for the future, and get legal help.
Explore crisis funds to catch up on rent, mortgage and utilities. Search income support programs and help for managing money and debt.
Personal Care
Connect to Personal Care Assistance (PCA) services, home health aids, or other home care providers in your area.
Search public transportation options or learn where to go for adapted drivers’ training, disability parking permits, and more.
Discover resources to improve your health and well-being such as exercise programs, healthy eating, weight management, and smoking cessation.

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