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Online access to local and statewide service for people who are facing a layoff or are unemployed. Employers can find information and services to help their workers.

Currently unemployed? Going through a lay off? Looking for employment? Use the Unemployment Link to find information.

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Special Topics

Unemployment Benefits
Unemployment Insurance provides temporary benefits to qualified people out of work through no fault of their own.
Facing a Layoff
Facing a layoff in the future? Prepare now.
Employment Rights
Questions about your rights as a worker - related to harassment, denial of equal pay for equal work, etc?
Support and Counseling
Connect with peers or counselors around employment and retirement issues.
Other Needs
Employment needs can seem all consuming. What other needs might there be like food, housing, or health care?
Career Development
Thinking about a career change? There are programs that can help people figure out what is available, where skills exist, and provide information on the labor market and trends.
Enhance Skills
Find resources to improve your skills, knowledge, and expertise
Connect with others who have similar business or job-related interests
Job Search
Search for jobs in the private and public sectors.
Need information about getting to and from work or interviews?
Time to start your own business?
Volunteering gives people a chance to keep job skills sharp, learn new skills, explore new opportunities, and share your talents.
Useful information and resources for employers. Find sites where job posts can be made, tax incentives for employing people from certain target areas, and prepare for a layoff.

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