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Explore having your own place and living on your own. Search for affordable housing and special programs to help you make rent.
Education is key to getting ahead socially as well as economically. Search for ways to further your education.
Looking for a full-time or part-time job? Exploring careers? Looking for ways to get job training or special trade skills? A good paying job is your key to independence.
Are you trying to get your driver's license? Do you have special transportation needs? Search for ways to get where you are going!
Money Management
You can live within your means and save for your future. It's a straight path to independent living when you learn to manage your money.
Community Connections
Find recreation centers, drop-in centers, and volunteer opportunities. Find mentors, or meet other people with similar interests.
Health Care
Find out more about health insurance or look for a clinic. The help you seek today may impact your future health.
Having problems with a legal issue? Need advice? Help is available for those who need legal assistance.

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